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Ping LI, Yongde JIN, Wei GAO, Xiaolong ZHAO. Spatial differentiation and dynamic mechanism of microgeomorphology based on acoustic spectrum data of the Huanghe (Yellow) River Delta[J]. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2023, 41(6): 2077-2089

Spatial differentiation and dynamic mechanism of microgeomorphology based on acoustic spectrum data of the Huanghe (Yellow) River Delta

Ping LI1,2, Yongde JIN1,2, Wei GAO1,2, Xiaolong ZHAO1
1 First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, Qingdao 266061, China;
2 Key Laboratory of Coastal Science and Integrated Management of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, Qingdao 266061, China
Submarine micro-geomorphology is a geo-morphological type occurring in shallow and surface areas of seabed. The combined relationships and distribution of the micro-geomorphology indirectly reflect coupling relationships among the sediment deposition, dynamic environment, and geomorphologic evolution. Spatial differentiation and dynamic changes in micro-geomorphology were studied based on acoustic data interpretation from a wide range (3 200 km2) of the Huanghe (Yellow) River delta (HRD). The combination of the sub-bottom profiler and the side-scan sonar methods allowed for the identification of submarine shallow micro-geomorphologic types, as well as their scale and spatial distributions. There were seven typical micro-geomorphologic features in the shallow and surface areas of the HRD, including buried ancient channels, stratigraphic disturbances, scour troughs, sand waves, pits, erosional remnants, and sand spots. The coupling and superposition of the sediment, sediment characteristics, seabed scouring and silting, and hydrodynamic conditions of the Huanghe River had combined effects on the patterns of micro-geomorphologic types, characteristics, and ranges. From the perspective of acoustic profile interpretations, the scale, range, and spatial locations of the micro-geomorphology in the HRD revealed seasonal variation characteristics, and the spatial distributions displayed significant regional differentiation characteristics. In addition, strong stratigraphic disturbances and areas with densely distributed buried ancient channels reflected the activity and instability of the submarine shallow strata. Through the interpretation of the sub-bottom profile detection data, the diversion processes of the flow paths in the lower reaches of the Huanghe River were obtained for a certain historical period in the coastal waters of the HRD. This study further clarified the relationships between the micro-geomorphologic features and spatial combinations, which is important for research on micro-geomorphologic features and their dynamic mechanisms.
Key words:    Huanghe (Yellow) River delta (HRD)|micro-geomorphology|acoustic reflection characteristics|spatial differentiation|dynamic mechanisms   
Received: 2022-07-31   Revised:
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