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Qingshang SONG, Yue XUE, Yanying ZHANG, Jiehui YIN, Pingping SHEN. Diversity and geographical distribution of haptophyte Phaeocystis in the Chinese seas based on metabarcoding analysis[J]. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2023, 41(6): 2197-2207

Diversity and geographical distribution of haptophyte Phaeocystis in the Chinese seas based on metabarcoding analysis

Qingshang SONG, Yue XUE, Yanying ZHANG, Jiehui YIN, Pingping SHEN
Ocean School, Yantai University, Yantai 264005, China
Phaeocystis is an important bloom-forming species and over 100 blooms have occurred since 1997 along the Chinese coasts, while only the species P. globosa was described. In this project, a total of 246 phytoplankton samples collected from the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the East China Sea in April 2021 were analyzed to evaluate the species diversity and geographical distribution of the genus Phaeocystis based on metabarcoding 18S rDNA sequence. Four described Phaeocystis species were recognized, including P. globosa, P. pouchetii, P. jahnii, and P. cordata, and each has distinguished geographical distribution characteristics. P. globosa was the most widespread and abundant species, and P. pouchetii was found in the Bohai Sea and the northern Yellow Sea with substantially elevated abundance. P. cordata was also a widespread species, but its abundance was relatively low, while P. jahnii gathered only in the southeastern East China Sea. Water temperature, phosphate as well as ammonium contents were found to be associated with the abundance of P. globosa, P. pouchetii, and P. jahnii significantly. Moreover, two uncharacterized Phaeocystis species were detected in the Chinese seas, indicating the diversity of the genus remains underestimated worldwide.
Key words:    Haptophyta|Phaeocystis|species diversity|distribution|Chinese seas|amplicon sequence variant   
Received: 2022-06-19   Revised:
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